For advertisement and promo sale, the TVAD software platform from HD Vietnam is the perfect system for heavy promo traffic broadcasting station. TVAD is a web-base system that can work as part of M-ERP or standalone with proper integration.

The system’s product is ready for broadcast, composed of commercial clips for each cut instead of a list of short spots of 15 or 30 sec add in linear programming. The booking of commercials can be done over the net and can be booked on defined time frame (called commercial breaks) or following program content, following the program rating.

System manages customer, billing, discount, report, Broadcast Evidence and more.


To make TVAD work, it will need M-ERP platform (to manage user, user right and privilege) and MAM. It may also require workflow to automate commercial/promo processing and some of background services to process it. For ordering background service, please check with M-ERP.

Ordering information: 

For platform please order:

The module is a whiteboard for users. The right to broadcast info is controlled by the system admin. Software system uses the whiteboard to communicate with user. It can supply quick link for user to respond on system request. The module is essential.

User management
User and login management with AD integration for more convenience. Possible to have 02 step login with SMS or email confirmation. IP and time access restriction possible. Essential module.

User right management
The module grants different rights to different users. The user’s rights in the system reflect their real life duty in their media corporation. The system shows different interface for different users, reflecting the user’s rights on the system. Only the part/ menu / button/ content that is available to the present user are displayed. Standard module.

Background Service Control and Monitoring
Efficient tool for control and monitoring background service of system from anywhere. Allows set parameters, switch on, off service, debug and system maintenance from anywhere. Must have module.

Must have module for both software management system and the background service. The module orchestrates all module and process in the software system.  It shows present status off all processes related to each media/event access. Number of workflows is not limited in the system. You’ll never have to run or stop the workflow since it belongs to a class of always running module. The workflow does not apply to people; it applies to content, therefore it simplified all processes in a media corporation. Quick deployment in a very complex system is its most attractive feature. Standard module.

Media Asset Management
Manages the completed media products, allows quick and efficient storing, retrieving, searching, commenting, approval…Browsing low-res media is available from anywhere a low-res license is purchased. The right to change the metadata of each media belongs to the creator and also can be flexibly assigned by admin to anyone. Workflow is unique for each media, allowing unlimited ways of manipulation of accent media in the system.

File ingest
Ingest file by file to described metadata. Able to set house format to let system filtering the unwanted format. Can use different workflows to change the way system react on the ingested file: One file may pass through the transcoding system before being stored in the system storage as house media.

Evidence preview
The module integrates with Broadcast Evidence recording system to view the time recorded file and playlist recorded files. Evidence extraction available as an option.

Distributed Storage
License to manage distributed storage with WAN connection. Central control low-res, distribute high-res. The module makes hybrid cloud available: metadata on the clouds, high-res file on local storage.

To automate video/text/even processing, some of the following background services can be ordered:

Watch folder ingest service
Ingest all video file in watch folder with automated metadata creation. Metadata may come from description or from file name.

Automatic creation of thumbnail from uploaded video. Manual thumbnail extraction from video in low-res browsing is possible. Can use external picture for representative thumbnail to use with EPG, OTT…

Creation of video low-res from uploaded video – ingested video (MAM-PAM). Automatically loads balancing, multi thread, unlimited server installation in system.

SMS Gateway
Allows system to communicate with user over SMS. Modem and communication subscription not included. SMS stringer is configured under Workflow on the design time.

Email Gateway
Allows system to communicate with user over email. Email stringer is configured under workflow as part of workflow builder. Mail server not included.

Transcode service
Multi thread, load balancing. Allows configuration of setting of the number of maximum threads for a system. Does not limit the instances installed in the servers to increase the transcode power as a standard version. Main concept transcoder is an option.

Third party transcode
Seamless integration of third party codec and transcoding software like Harmonic Procoder, Telestream, Elecard.. into system workflow.

Video merging service
Create long video from sequences of short ones. Codec not changed.

Video extracting service
Allows extraction of marked sub clips from video and downloads it to desktop to save time and local storage.

QC Service
Automatic service to detect freeze frame, black frame, audio loss.

QC Integration Service
Integration of QC server of third party like Tektronix, Baton, Telestream, Elecard… All information is marked for frame and available for revision from lower browser of MAM/PAM system. Required MAM/PAM to function.

MXF Wrapper
Wrapping service for MXF file, change the container from MPEG to MXF.

FTP service
Widely used service in system by workflow to transfer media. Auto resume.

UDP transfer Service
Fast file transfer over delayed network service to replace FTP on request. Third party UP engine accepted (Aspera, Telecast…) as an option.

Multi-level Approval
Service allows building workflow with unlimited check point required intervention of staff or manager.

For Sale and Promo please order:

Contractor management
Manages the contractor’s metadata, Contracts, Agreement, turnover, discount level…

Channel management
Channel available for commercial insertion.

Program management
TV program available for commercial insertion.

Block management
Blocks duration definition.

Time Slot ID management
Manages the Time Slot ID for system.

Price management
Manages the price according to time slot ID and present polity.

Simple information management
Manages the simple information graphic and their displayed price.

Spot position management
Manages the price ratio for position in commercial block.

Discount management
Manages the discount structure of sale for each customer and for each type of sponsorship.

Commercial Asset Management
Manages the commercial clips and clips metadata, create commercial ID, commercial checking, commercial time limitation, permitted time slot for the commercial, commercial time-to-live.

Commercial booking management

  • Allows import of booking from Excel file
  • Separates booking for trailer, popup, in program sponsor, outside program sponsor, normal commercial
  • Displays cut booking status, total cut, total booking, cut remaining for book
  • Prints out customer booking list, certification letter for playout booking list

Playout and Commercial List approval
Commercial position in cut, cut content and cut preview for approval.

Commercial Spot joint- to Cut
Automatic joins all spots in cut playlist to 01 cut for better management in playout department.

Commercial Audio Loudness Standardize
Automatic Audio Loudness control for commercial spot and cut.

Print-out service
Different printout service for various content: Playlist, Booking…

Special price management
Allows special discount management for customer.

Loyal Customer special discount management
Manages special discount for loyal customer.

Over 20 typical reports for customer uses. Special report on request.

Booking verification with AS-RUN-LOG

  • Verification of playout booking base on AS-RUN-LOG information from playout department
  • Commercial preview option with Broadcast Evidence Recording
  • Preview on Low-res (with embedded time) all booked and played-out commercial. Request to have Broadcast Evidence Recording System



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