Receive the international feed with cue tone or SCTE35 and replace the promo content with local commercial. System comes with 0-10 hours delay setting to meet different requirements of broadcasting networks. System also inserts logo and run popups accordingly. With local MAM, users are comfortable with managing local content for multiple channel management and connecting with other MAM system for automated content. Web control, Separate ingest and Playout module make system perfect for n+m redundancy, where a centralized web controller is able to control all international feed to Operator with full local manipulation ability. The content of channel also can be censored remotely on the network thanks to the web control and low-res proxy streaming for preview and censorship.


Program Localizing

Video I/O:
TS MPTS, SPTS or NDI input. SPTS or NDI output.
12G, 6G, 3G, HD SDI acording to video I/O card option

Minimum system requirement:
Workstatio, Xeon 4 cores 3.2 Ghz, 16GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, Nvidia P2000,

Ordering information:

Delay server
Records and delays playback of the signal for setting period. Hardware specification will depend on customer’s I/O and number of functional modules requirement and will be specified on quotation/ordering time.

Add insert
Add insert module for play out and replace incoming signal to new content on present of cue tone. Cue tone can be GPO, embedded on SDI or from TS.

Graphic /Branding (Optional)

  • Use to insert CG, logo, pop-up into Live signal.
  • Allows creation of CG, logo, popup for broadcast playlist and automatically plays the CG in the playlist.
  • Allows subtitle insertion into the live signal at pre-selection time points or using scheduler.
  • Supports: Local CG, Popup, Logo
  • Bit depth: 12 bit per-RGB component, 8-bit alpha channel
  • Still Images: BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, TGA
  • CG title: Channel bug, Program Bug
  • Up to 10 CG Layers

Delay MAM (Optional)

  • Web-based Media Asset Management option for delay system. Allows user to have full control of scheduled playout clips
  • MAM Connection option
  • Connects delay MAM with production MAM for retrieve file, metadata and commercial rundown for system’s best performance

Delay Web Control

Full control of delay system over web. Low-res/ high-res streaming for preview and distribution. Control includes: Censorship, Commercial insertion, pop-up insertion, local content replacement.

Monitoring & Alarming Module (Optional)

  • Use to monitor the system health and alarm operators whenever errors occur
  • Works with N+M redundant configuration environment. Module requires sound card with with speakers.

IP (Multicast MPTS over UDP) optional

  • Use this option to work with Video over IP environment
  • Supports HD/SD MPEG TS over UDP, MPEG-2, H.264 MPEG-4, HEVC.

SDI input/output

8K, 4K SDI input / output option for delay server

Broadcast Evidence Recorder (Optional)

  • Use to record the broadcast signal in low resolution media for Broadcast Evidence
  • Overlay time code on the evidence media
  • Evidence media can be viewed via web browsers and can be integrated into third party MAM system.

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