Playout Automation fulfills all requirements of broadcasting facilities for channel automation. It is resolution independent, therefore it can handle 8K video as well as HD Video. Playout Automation is a multi-channel automation system with different redundancy configurations available. It can control a single or multiple video server for playout. Originated from VTR time, the automation system handles well TAPE, DVD Disk and any type of video server.

It features a multi-layer timeline for auxiliary events. Graphics, channel branding and any other external equipment can be controlled with IP, GPIO or RS-422/232 protocol

Ordering information:

Automation core system
Running on 02 independent automation servers to control frame accuracy playout server. Control over VDCP or over native server protocol (GVG K2, Harmonic Mediadesk, Imagine servers…). For smaller system, the core is installed with SQL Server in Always-on mode. The automation controls the system based on data from SQL server. Thanks to the automation core communicating with GUI software over web service, the client server can be in both window form and web browser. System is cloud ready. The automation core is the only one that uses native server playlist for playout, resulting in the highly availability of the playout system – the video will be played out from server for a full playlist before being stopped even in the case the whole system crashes.

On-air software
Running on client workstation to control automation core. It updates the playlist, allows manual control of system and system monitoring. User friendly GUI with powerful graphic presentation of timeline and secondary event. Voice alert in native language is a very helpful feature for operator.

Playlist pro
Professional window-based playlist creator for any days of a year. Rich set of tools available for editor to quickly create linear list: Copy, Sub-list, automated generate list from matrix planning (weekly schedule). 16 graphic layers are ready to use in the program with unlimited FX on each layer. The content of graphic layer comes from MAM system or from file or link.

Playout MAM
The light MAM system is used to manage and search all media file in playout section. It also manages playlist, manual ingest and automated watch folder ingest to playout system, time to life setting define the file time in cache of playout server system or playout storage system.

File Manager
The software interacts with MAM to copy file from NAS system to Cache in playout server. The priority of copy is based on expected playout time in playlist. The software also automatically flushes the storage cache of server to a set figure (standard set for 70%) to make sure the server is ready for new incoming file any time. Any file that appears in playlist have priority to be kept in the cache. All trailer, filler with status “forever” will be kept from being deleted.

Watch folder (optional)
Automatically ingests file in watch folder to playout MAM. Metadata can be extracted from long name of file or from XML associated with media. Ingest status is returned to watch folder to allow outside system to know the results. System may automatically check the file for house format.

Playout Preview (optional)
The software uses 01 video channel to allow operator to check playlist with full auxiliary event for playout compliant and for video/graphic quality checking before going on air.

Service Auto-check (optional)
Automatically checks the video’s decode-ability using 01 video channel of server or share the channel with preview channel. Service auto check will load the video into checking channel and playout the video in real-time or higher speed. The service can be replaced by RTB Checking software.

RTB Checking (optional)
Ready To Broadcast Checking is the final technical checking of video/audio/graphic before playout. With this option, only files checked with RTB can go on-air. System automatically bypasses all files not checked as a RTB file. It can use separate video channels or share the channel with preview. RTB in file also available.

N+1 redundancy control (optional)
To control extra channel for redundancy of N playout channel. Allows playout stopped program exactly from stopped timecode in redundancy channel. 1-1 redundancy is default for most important channels.

Master clips and Sub-clips (optional)
Use sub-clips for better handle grouped of programs like broadcast commercial.

Web control
Use web client to monitor and control automation software. Cloud-ready system.

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