Special design for NDI and MPEG TS, The IPGM is perfect suit for IP oriented broadcaster. Multiple encode and decode of NDI and TS happen on receiving, processing and transmission of IP compressed stream. To minimize the   generation loss, the best practice is concentration of IP processing in one unit. That is the reason why IPGM is so important in studio and in television nodal.

 Not only concentrate processing, the IPGM also generate Video Sync signal for all all NDI source in system. The NDI with house-sync improved quality and can be switch over seamlessly. All-In-One unit of NDI processing from HD Vietnam is the last piece of NDI puzzle picture for NDI bigger installation.

  • Frame synchronizer for NDI
  • UP to CPU power NDI router size,
  • NDI and IP Multiview
  • 2×2, 4×4, 8×8 Gateway available.

Odering information:

2RU Workstation

2X8 core gold 3.4 Mhz, 128GB RAM, GPU:P2200, 2X 256GB SDD or higher specification.  Aja I/O Card.

IP Multiview

Unlimited channel view (CPU power restriction only), UDM, Multichannel audio. Video loss freeze frame alarm. Accept NDI, TS input. SDI, HDMI input as an option.

NDI Router

Allow NDI to be routed to destination with seamless switching. Router size are option. Available for any router size.

Software panel router control.

NDI Frame Synchronizer

Supply the house timing for all NDI source on the system. The option allows all NDI to be frame synchronized and seamless switching on the system.

Failover switch

NDI 2X1 Failover switch allow automatic change over between 02 NDI signal


2X2, 4X4, 8X8 NDI GATEWAY.  Convert any NDI or TS into SDI and bring any SDI signal to NDI. NDI can handle up to 4k signal with present realease.

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