HD Vietnam is the top media software developer in Vietnam. With more than 15 years of experience in high end broadcasting application software, our products are well known and in operation on all influential TV channels and cable operators in Vietnam.

Instead of offering the box software, we offer software service to create a highly customized and deeply integrated system for you. The software system that are able to cement all users, customers, departments and activities together – that is the real Media Enterprise Resources Planning System that boosts the productivity of all our customers.

Company History


First product developed: People meter for viewer panel detection. The product is based on logo matching.


Completes the first censorship system base on VDCP and external 3 channel server. 02 first systems used for Cinemax and Star movies on VCTV.


Launching “Automation”. The first automated system in Vietnam and in ASEAN. More than 45 channels use the software system in Vietnam at 2015.


Launching “ NEWS”. The simple news room system. The product is based on windows application and SQL server. It works well for VITV (SCTV8) by today.


  • Launched “Direct”, a software system running on PC with I/O card from Decklink, it transforms PC into Video server HD/SD. HD Direct can insert logo, run Pop-up and belong to channel-in-a-box solution. The solution is suitable for evergreen server and  was installed in VTC1,  CEC HD1, CEC HD2 and Hanam TV.
  • Launched SAT, the latest version of the software that have been working on VTVpcd and VTV Cab to control ingesting of simultaneous 28 HD/SD channels.
  • Completed the specialized sport CG package to control CG engine, making it suitable for 15 sport games. The software system has been used for Indoogame 3.
  • Upgrade Delay to Airedit with full GUI, local add insert and censorship. 35 systems were used on K+ and 20 on VTVcab.


  • Launched Localization with server and integrated HD/SD I/O Card. 5 Systems are working on VTVpcd for CNN, DW, TV5.
  • Launched TVad. The software has been installed for VTV Hanoi, VTV HCM and VTV Cantho and controls over 200 million USD commercial spot annually.
  • New version release for the software “SAT”.
  • 15/12/2010: HD Vietnam became an OPENGEAR partner. We started to produce hardware that was compatible with the standard. The products are widely used in TV stations in Vietnam.


  • HD Vietnam earned the high prize on “Vietnam Talented Products 2011” with its opengear video/audio processing card.
  • Brought all present applications and services to WEB, launching the Station 1.0. The current version is Station 3.0 with very extensive capacities. The product quickly became a super software for TV station as an all-in-one management system and quickly adapted by most of the bigger TV stations in Vietnam.


  • Updated the Graph, make it a low-cost CG choice for most studios and playout systems in Vietnam.
  • Launched IP: The IP Multiview is the most powerful viewer running on Linux and is remotely controlled over web control.


Launchied Media Enterprise Resource Planing M-ERP with full integration of MAM, PAM, NEWSROOM, PROMPTER, TRAFFIC, EQUIPMENT, HR, PAYROLL, INCENTIVE, Studio Automation, Media company management, Super Convergent Editor…


  • Release of Delay 4.0 with web support, cue tone support and remote monitoring and management. Release of TVad 3.0 with various booking models.
  • Release of 8k, 4k AIO server for playout, with playout, mastercontrol, graphic branding, popup management, DVB-T and SCTE-35 subtitle capacities..  8k, 4k Studio playout Ultra-X with MAM connection and Newsroom automation integrated.
  • Release of IP Multiview, NDI router, IP Gateway to support IP system integration with full NDI Sync.

Our Products:

  1. Total Automation system- HD automation

The system meets the strict demand of OnAir system. The system is simply designed for Vietnamese environment: it can work simultaneously with both Video server and VTR, Live signal. The system can work with timecode-broken tapes, 100% redundancy, program preview and 24/7 operation and automatically resumse to present state after restarting.

The Automation and Asset management system are working for VTV2,VTV3 and VTV6, HVTV, CVTV1, CVTV2, TODAY TV, HOABINH TV. The Vietnamese automation is the de facto standard in Vietnam. A total of 45 channels are using HD Automation in Vietnam by the end of 2015. All customers are happy with the solution and integration.

The more interesting aspect of the automation is CG automation. The CG automation works in tandem with on-air system and can be very easily programmed based on offset from the starting point of any clip on playlist of automation system. The CG automation can control unlimited layers of graphic. Both CG automation and On-air automation use the same information from SQL server. It works very well as channel branding for television programs.

  1. Media Asset Management- HD MAM LE

The media asset management compact version is the basic version of HD MAM as a complement to HD automation. It manages file, tape, content of tape, and much more. The asset management is based on SQL server and can work well in network environments. It is the right solution for Tape replacement archiving-playout automation.

The HD MAM is tailored to Vietnamese customers’ needs and requirements, making it highly suitable and productive for Vietnamese producers. Our engineers are able to trace and fulfill any request from customers to make they work easier and more comfortable.

  1. HD AirEdit

The HD AirEdit system is a complete hardware-software system that comes with SDI/NDI/TS input, output in different configurations and cue tone control. It is the best choice for content localization, local censorship and local ad insertion system. Like the automation system, the Air Edit controls special server of HD Vietnam with WEB user interface to create insertion points, control the content over internet streaming and receive cue tone from incoming signals to replace general content of signals of the local one. More than 30 international channels are under the control of this system.

  1. HD Graph

The versatile graphic system bases on Casper engine. With customized GUI, the system gains lot of support from Vietnamese broadcast community.

  1. HD Branding

The graphic system working with SQL server in synchronization with playout automation system is one of our best sellers. The branding with Flash template meets even the most demanding requirements from broadcasters.

  1. HD Ingest

The automated ingest system works well with HD Automation or with HD Station system to create an interface between HD-SDI signal and file system. The system runs on PC with I/O card.

  1. HD STATION- Super software for Super Convergent Edior in Television station.

The web based application system allows TV stations to control, manage and automate full IT systems from text base works to Media and other managements like employers, equipment and salary. It is the most effective portal for any TV station. The HD Station is HIT 2018 of HD Vietnam.

  1. Gear product

HD Vietnam is an OPENGEAR manufacturer. Our products cover all HDTV requirements for broadcast channel: Logo inserter, Frame synchronizer, AFD inserter, Automatic Audio leveller; audio processing and Audio mixer on Embeded signal, keyer, Distribution Amplifier.


System Integration

HD Vietnam is the leading broadcast SI in Vietnam. Our SI solution are well known in the Vietnamese broadcasting community. Our SI works include: Full tape-less news channel VITV with 100% HD Vietnam software and solution, Automation playout for VTV3, VTV4, VTV6, HVTV, CVTV1, CVTV2 for VTV, MTV – the biggest nation wide broadcaster in Vietnam, Automation and total tapeless integration for Hoa Binh TV station, Today TV, A/V system for National Convention Center, Playout automation of 18 Vietnam Cable Television channels, First MPEG-4 Headend for 32 channels for VCTV, on-air censorship system for Cinemax and HBO for VCTV…


HD Vietnam is the dealer and distributor for many manufactures for Vietnam. Its long list of clients include: Clear-com, 360 System, Hardata, Evertz, Phabrix, Digimetrix, Axon, Extron, Crestron, Fohhn, Symetrix, Biamp, Aberdeen, Proware, Planar, Black magic. AJA…


General Information:


Address: So 14 ngo 18 VOVANDUNG, Dongda, Hanoi Vietnam


  1. Year of Registration: 2004
  2. Area of Business: Software developer and System integration
  3. Turnover: 2018: 100 billion VND ($4.5 million USD)
  4. OWNER: Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang
  5. Director: Nguyen Huyen Dieu
  6. Staff: 18 Engineer, 9 Sales, 4 administration.