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Thunderbolt Capture and Playback

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Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Express

The Blackmagic-Design UltraStudio Express is a capture and playback device that connects to a camera on one end and to a computer on the other. It captures saved footage or a live feed from the camera and passes it to the computer in formats ready to be edited. It can also up/down/cross convert the resolution of the footage as the footage is being passed to the computer. The third function of the Express is HDMI monitoring -- you can connect a top-quality HDMI monitor and monitor the footage you captured in the best resolution possible so to perform color correction in minute precision.

Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Monitor

When you need low cost monitoring for editing, then UltraStudio Mini Monitor is perfect. Plug in the Thunderbolt and monitor out of the SDI and HDMI outputs. Perfect for using low cost HDMI TV's and projectors for monitoring.

Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder

The UltraStudio Mini Recorder that fits in your pocket, UltraStudio Mini Recorder is super tiny and includes just SDI and HDMI connections, plus Thunderbolt. Simply plug in and record from any SDI and HDMI device for the most incredible portable solution.
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