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Blackmagic Striker Rig

This is a dual handgrip rig that also uses a gunstock against your chest giving you 3 points of contact. With the flip of two levers the handgrips are adjustable. The handgrips can be situated in the down position so your arms are against your sides or can be flipped up so the handgrips are aligned with the camera creating a cage style rig. A shoulder strap can be around your neck and attached to the handgrips for push style shooting.

Blackmagic Target Shooter Rig

The target shooter was originally designed for DSLR shooters, but we found it to be a great, simple handheld rig for the Blackmagic Camera since the BMC is similar to a DSLR in form factor.

Blackmagic Tripod Rig

This rig is a simple tripod rig that is ready to be accessorized! It starts with the Mini Baseplate with 12” rods and then adds the Horizontal Zwiss Plate where you can mount your v-mount or 3-stud/gold mount batteries, articulating arms for monitors, wireless plates and much more.

Blackmagic UltraLite Rig

This unique rig design is totally new and designed specifically for the Blackmagic Camera. It’s extremely light so as not to add any weight to an already somewhat heavy camera in handheld configuration. This rig starts with our Blackmagic Top Handle and adds a set of 7″ 15mm rods. The rods can be used to mount a follow focus or other accessories.